Opioid Abuse Signs

Abuse of Opioid is something that is quickly gaining popularity. Experts are growing concerned over the use of this drug. It has the ability to stimulate the body. There are a number of reported cases of Opioid abuse in the modern world. Most of the people who use this drug are between ages 12 and 20. When abused, this drug can have adverse effects on the body. Abuse occurs when this drug is used outside the medical purpose. The overdose of this drug can lead to addiction, which is not a good thing.

Research has shown that Opioid is likely to be abused by people who are suffering from chronic pain, healthcare personnel, and narcotic users. The effects of this drug are the same as that of morphine. This is a drug that is used to treat pain. However, unlike other pain killers, this drug can be very addictive. One of the Opioid abuse signs is damage of the liver. This is because the drug has a high percentage of acetaminophen, a drug that can easily damage the liver. This condition can worsen if alcohol is consumed.

Opioid Abuse Signs

To avoid Opioid abuse, it is good to take the medication as recommended by doctors. It will be of great significance to take Opioid on a regular basis. This is when it will treat pain effectively. It may treat neuralgia. If you use this drug it can lead to dependency. Some of the signs of Opioid abuse are the use of this medication in a way that is not prescribed.

Taking larger quantities of Opioid than recommended is a sign of abuse. Most medical personnel recommend that you take a maximum of 300gm per day. This is a dose that will not have effects on your body. Taking a larger dose than this is a clear show that you are abusing the drug. You are likely to experience negative effects, since this drug is likely to change the way your body operates.

People reporting medication loss so that they obtain more is also another sign of Opioid abuse. Many people who use Opioid always get it from health centers, because it tends to be cheaper there than at pharmacies. This is why patients will lie that they misplaced drugs to get more for free. When there is a rise in number of Opioid drug loss cases, it is clear that people are abusing it.

Another indication of Opioid drug abuse is people asking for refills before the refilling date. This is common in liquid forms of Opioid. The bottles that are used to package this drug have droppers for easy administering. Once the drug has run out, you can go back for refilling. Abuse of it leads to fast run out.

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